My wife Niggy is the # 1 photographer in our team, the pro, she's the intuitive one of the two of us.

She says about herself:
"Photography. For everyone, this word means something else, it has changed the world for me, and since I took pictures, my world has changed, I perceive things differently.
Where it used to be only light or dark, only day or night, there are now light and shadow. Again and again, I discover the possibilities that "light" offers a photographer. "
In addition to her abilities at the camera, she is also an excellent image editor and masters complex image processing programs, such as Photoshop, like only a few people.

I am photographer no.2 and I'm responsible for the technical stuff in the team. My photography is more conceptual.
Even though I've had cameras for a long time, Niggy first took me to serious photography.
Over the last few years I have deepened my knowledge, learned a lot about light setting and image processing.

Together, we are passionate about portraiture and our different approaches result in different picture styles.

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