Photography workshops

There are many metiers of photography, such as landscape, sports, wildlife, architecture, street and portrait photography.
All have in common that only the right handling of the camera brings results.
For this we have to get to know our camera's functions and its possibilities.
We need to understand the influence that parameters such as exposure time, aperture, focal length and ISO have on our imaging results.
And how we can regulate those parameters with our camera settings.
In the second step we should deal with color, light / shadow and image composition.
This gives us the basics that allow us to make good quality images, and move us to virtually any area of ​​photography.
And if we are not 100% perfect, we can use editing software, such as Lightroom in a third step to improve and even extend the picture.

In the basic workshop, the focus is on steps one and two.
At the build-up / portrait workshop, the focus is on steps two and three.

The workshops in Corfu:
Basic course - 2 days à 5 hours with a short snack break

Ideal for participation is a SLR or a mirrorless system camera, with fixed focal length or zoom lens.
A compact or bridge camera should allow at least the choice of different programs.
Basic editing requires a notebook or a large tablet.
1st day
- The basic equipment camera, lenses, tripod, reflector
- Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, Shutter priority, Aperture priority, Programmed auto and Manual modes;
Light color and white balance; Practice photography in different lighting situations
- focal length and depth of field; Practice detailed shots with depth of field profile; Practice depth graduation depending on the focal length.
- Practice task: participants model and photograph each other (in two groups).
2nd day
- Discussion of the practical task from the day before (on the notebook / beamer)
- Colors, lines, composition, practice Still life with things
- The light in portrait photography "Is the sun our enemy?"
- Focus in Portrait Photography, Focus and Recompose Technique, Practice Close-up Portrait
- The use of the reflector, Posing, practice full body portrait
- Discussion of the practical results and use of the Stone Viewer (free software) for the basic processing of images (notebook / projector)
- Evening table in Dixtia

Portrait workshop
For this workshop, the participants should already have sufficient basic knowledge of the camera settings.
A system camera with interchangeable lenses is a great advantage.
For further processing on the 2nd day, participants need a notebook or a large, fast tablet.
The entire course is very practice-oriented.
On the first day we deal with lighting, composition and posing. We work with shades, reflectors and optionally with unleashed flash.
We spend the whole day in the area, developing ideas and putting them together.
Practical task: Portrait of participants taking into account the environment.
On the second day we start early in the morning with a model (optionally two models).
We shoot the styling and makeup as a making-of series.
Afterwards we visit two to three beautiful spots on the North Island to implement our findings from the previous day with a model.
Back in Agios Georgios we look at our material together and work on a picture of each participant with the StoneViewer and NIK-Collection or optionally with Lightroom / Photoshop.
We end the course in the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

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